Labsurface Labfast Polyaspartic Low odor

Material: 85 Slow+
Sale price$285.25 CAD



Best Performance, Long Working Time, Quick Curing and Low Odor Polyaspartic

The LABFAST LOW ODOR is a two-component (1A:1B), non- yellowing, low odor polyaspartic floor coating system. The LABFAST LOW ODOR is used as a clear topcoat and a colored base coat using a common hardener. High solids versions (85% and 90%) are available as well as a prolonged working time version (+) and a fast cure version (-). The system provides a quick turnaround with very rapid curing time with a tack free as low as 45 minutes* allowing the installation of the floor system in a single day. The product displays excellent curing capability even at very low temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability which makes it ideal for interior and exterior applications. We recommend the utilization of the torginol Vinyl Chips in combination with LABFAST/LABSHIELD products. Two- or three-coat systems can be considered.



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