Majestic Bonding Primer

Color: Black
Sale price$48.42 CAD


The MAJESTIC BONDING PRIMER is a superior technology, ultra-fast drying, water-based acrylic primer with exceptional adhesion properties. It is a one component product, easy to use, with low odor and low VOC. It bonds to substrates that are difficult to adhere to including laminate (Formica). The MAJESTIC BONDING PRIMER is used as a bonding primer coat.  

The product is suitable for use on laminate, wood, metals, most plastics, fiberglass, tile porcelain and glass. The MAJESTIC BONDING PRIMER formulation is also non-yellowing. The product is available in clear, white and black. Black and white can be mixed to result in any desired shade of grey. Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications as a primer.


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