32" Semi-auto pilot Remote Controlled Concrete Grinder

Sale price$45,578.00 CAD


Conforming to the trend of grinding development, the RPG-800 floor grinder polisher is a automatic and smart floor grinding machine equipment for large areas. Equipped with 20 HP WEG motor and high-quality gearbox, it of strong cutting force and super grinding efficiency. With 3 inch remote control display, the touch screen shows rotating/walking speed, running time, direction, voltage/currency, code.  With 7 inches HMI Screen, it is easy to set the languages, measurement units, machine lock, operation mode. With upgradation function, after connected to the net, it can be upgraded by remote control, mobile phone and USB device. With memory function, it can remember the grinding path by setting a starting/end point, then it will work automatically, it is the future trend for floor polishing.

product features

1.With water spray system.

2.PE floating gearbox cover.

3.Equipped with stainless steel water tank.

Model 800 RPG ( 4 Heads )
Motor / Inverter 15KW(20HP) / 18.5KW(25HP)
Power 220-240V/380V-440V, 3Phase
Weight 580.5kg/1280lbs
Extra Weight 15kg*2 swing
Working Width 32" (256mx4)
Rotating Speed 350~1950rpm
Water Tank 25L 
Feature  Semi autopilot remote controlled

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