Polished Concrete Flooring Systems

Concrete slabs create a solid foundation for modern structures and buildings alike. They also play an integral part in both the safety of the structure and the aesthetics of a building. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the appearance of an exposed concrete slab. Polished concrete has become quite popular for industrial and commercial spaces and at Yeg Epoxy Supplies we offer cutting edge polishing technology to help achieve your shine in half the time! Contact us today to speak with one of our polishing experts to discuss your polishing needs.

Polished Flooring Systems for All Industries

Most people are unaware of how much wear and tear a floor receives during a given day. High traffic and heavy wear and tear can prove to be even more detrimental in industries such as: industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehouses, retail spaces, showrooms, factories, office buildings, bars, hotels, traffic aisles, loading docks, locker rooms, restrooms, packaging areas, airline hangers, paper mills, refrigerators, testing labs, and more.

At Yeg Epoxy Supplies our polishing system and industry leading technology provides added durability to help withstand the heavy demands of these various industries.

Polished Concrete

Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polishing is a unique, multi-step process of progressively finer grinding concrete floor surfaces using diamonds and high-technology equipment. The polishing process transforms an ordinary concrete floor into a surface that is shiny, light reflective and aesthetically pleasing. Ameripolish Polishing system does that and more! With a full line of polishing liquids and tooling, and a hybrid polishing process, it offers amazing benefits such as:

  • Silica-based technology and innovative formulas
  • Three different high gloss finish options to choose from
  • Reduced dusting for cleaner and healthier environments
  • Higher abrasion resistance compared to sodium-based technologies
  • No hazardous waste disposal
  • Light reflection, which can help lower energy and lighting costs
  • And more!

Safe & Durable Polished Flooring Systems

A commercial floor can be severely damaged and create safety hazards from everyday activities such as snow, ice, and salt tracked in from outside, or dropped boxes and tools, or even impact from equipment. It is possible, however, to keep your concrete floors beautiful and functional using Ameripolish Polishing system, with an industry leading densifier that helps aid against staining, high traffic, and abrasion.

As experts in the floor coating and polishing industry, we can help determine the correct polishing process that your concrete slab will require to attain your desired look.


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