High-Performance Solid Color Flooring System

In general, an epoxy or similar resinous flooring system to be installed over a concrete slab will consist of three basic layers:

  • Primer. Concrete is an inherently porous substance, so the surface of the concrete slab must first be coated with a primer to properly seal the concrete, prior to applying additional build coats or topcoats. At Tennant Coatings, we use a multipurpose epoxy to prime the surface for our Performance flooring systems.
  • Build Coat. As the middle layer of the flooring system, the build coat is the main body of the system, providing the desired level of thickness and contributing to weight bearing and impact resistance. Oftentimes, colorants are incorporated into this layer.
  • Topcoat. The topcoat of a flooring system is, as its name suggests, the outermost layer of the flooring surface. Colorants can also be incorporated into this layer to provide a desired esthetic.

Solid Color System

The Benefits of a High-Performance Topcoat

As the layer of the flooring system that interacts directly with the outside world, the topcoat of any Performance system is the most important when it comes to chemical resistance, slip resistance, and durability in the face of heavy wheeled traffic. In the absence of a durable topcoat, the chemicals used in manufacturing and transportation can easily take their toll on the flooring system, causing extensive damage that can necessitate costly repairs. We offer topcoat options that are low-odor and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) to meet your facility’s needs.

In addition to functional elements, topcoats also contribute to the aesthetics of the floor. Available in gloss or satin finishes, these topcoats can have an effect on the visual appeal of the space, as well as a practical impact – high gloss top coats can help reflect existing light back into the environment, improving illumination which can help lower energy costs.




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