Contractor Notes (Reminders)

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Reminder #1 Hybrid System (Epoxy/Polyaspartic)

Epoxy base coat :

RR-YE100 (base coat color)+ YEGFAST(clear top coat) • In a hybrid system epoxy can be used as a base coat polyaspartic as a top coat. Epoxies have good sealing and adhesion properties on concrete and they build a solid base. However, recovery times must be respected in order to avoid bubbling or adhesion issues.

Polyaspartic base coat:

YEGFAST (base coat color) + YEGFAST (clear top coat)
• Polyaspartic as a base coat and epoxy as a top coat is not recommended. The hardness of Polyaspartics develops more slowly than epoxies

Reminder #2 YEGFAST 85/15 versus YEGFAST 85/25

During the winter period, if temperatures begin to drop significantly, the use of YEGFAST 85 (+) (slow version) is not recommended as drying may take too long.

Use the YEGFAST RR-YP85/25 when the temperature> 10 ⁰C.
Use the YEGFAST RR-YP85/15 when the temperature <10 ⁰C.

When the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, we suggest using the LABFAST RR-YP85/15 (-) (quick version)

which can be applied at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius

85/25 : More working time, higher temperature
85/15 : Less working time, lower temperature

Reminder #3 Solvent entrapment

Entrapment solvent:

The thickness of Polyaspartic coatings must remain within recommended ranges to prevent solvents from being trapped and create the risk of premature cracking.

Applications to avoid when using a solvent-based Polyaspartics

1. Thick repairs, with or without silica (sand)

2. Avoid putting more than one layer of vinyl flakes

Specific attention to:

1. Application on staircases (extra thickness can accumulate at the bottom of the steps). It is important to make sure that the adhesion to the substrate is adequate.

2. Poor adhesion, combined with extra thickness of the product, can increase the likelihood of cracking.


1. 2-coat system: 12 mil base coat and 16 mil topcoat

2. 3-coat system: 2 base coats of 6 mils each and 13 mils topcoat



If there is a significant presence of pinholes after application of the first layer due to concrete porosity, sand and fill the pinholes with epoxy gel


Avoid touch ups with roller or squeegee after working time period.

Low/High Temp.

Test the floor temperature before application of epoxy. Epoxies may not cure when applied at low temperatures.